IFRS 16 – Leases

IFRS 16 introduced a single lessee accounting model and required a lessee to recognize assets (right-of-use) and liabilities for all leases with a term of more than 12 months or unless the underlying asset is of low value.

Recognition and Measurement at the commencement date

Measurement at the commencement date

  • Measure Lease Liability

At commencement, a lessee should measure the lease liability at the present value of the lease payments, that are not paid at that date.

  • Right of Use Asset

At commencement, a lessee should measure the right-of-use asset at cost as below;

Cost comprises of:

  • The present value of lease payments.
  • Any lease payment made at or before the commencement date
  • (Less) any lease incentives received.
  • Any initial direct cost incurred by the lessee.
  • Any disposal/dismantling costs, incurred by the lessee.

Lessor accounting

The lessor does not record the leased asset in its  financial statements as its has  transferred the risks and reward.  Instead, he records the amount as receivables as “Net Investment in Lease”.

Receivable is described as

  • Net investment = Present value of Gross investment or;
  • Net investment = Fair value + Initial direct cost.
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