We help our clients solve their complex business transformation problems, from strategy to implementation. Our unique value proposition is our ability to execute the advice we provide to our clients. Our multi-disciplinary consulting team possesses a broad range of talent and skills to achieve the desired results.

shutterstock_330863699Our clients engage us as consultants to optimize their business processes and help them in achieving their corporate goals. We offer a wide range of services and solutions varying from ERP consulting and IFRS conversion to internal audit and human capital management.




Our Services

Internal Audit

We provide a systematic review of evaluation of risk management, control and governances processes in an organization. We use the latest software and cover strategic, operational and financial areas. We provide specialist knowledge and experience in protecting and optimizing company’s value inherently linking to strategic objectives.

Policies and Procedures

We believe policies and procedures form the basis for all decisions within an organisation. They are critical to accountability and compliance should be mandatory. They provide guidance and help in specific areas as well as day to day operations of an organization. They also define the underlying processes within an organization

Payroll Back Office

We believe Payroll as one of the key areas of interaction between employees and the company.  There can be an infinite number of administrative problems while running a huge payroll back office. For the organization who have a small or less efficient HR department, we can provide a full back office service for HR and payroll management.

Human Capital

We understand how important it is for you as the talent sourcing manager to hire talent that fits your organization in many aspects. It is not just a person with the required skill set, but someone who is a cultural match and has the right mindset

Book Keeping

We believe correct bookkeeping is the front line for managing accurate accounts for an organization. This is a small service but has many detailed components which if ignored can provide incomplete information. We have a team who can assist

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